Who Do YOU Buckle Up For?

Posted:  September 14, 2020

We buckle up for Kailee. Who do YOU buckle up for? We have always been told to protect ourselves by wearing a seat belt. We are also reminded that wearing a seat belt is the law, and if we don’t we will get a ticket. But now we want to ask you…who is waiting for you to come home? Who needs you? Who loves you?

If you don’t want to wear a seat belt for yourself, or a ticket isn’t a good enough reason, do it for THEM. Do it for everyone who loves you, needs you, and is expecting you to come home. Your life is precious. Your life matters to someone.

So we want to hear from you! Take the #BuckleUpChallenge – it’s simple! See the steps below:

who do you buckle up for

The #BuckleUpChallenge

  • Print this BUCKLE UP CHALLENGE sign, create your own, or use a blank piece of paper.
  • Write the name/s of who you buckle up for.
  • Take a photo or video with the sign.
  • Post it on social media & tag Kailee Mills Foundation.
  • Caption “I buckle up for___, who do YOU buckle up for? Go to kaileemillsfoundation.org/whodoyoubuckleupfor to learn more and to print the sign!”
  • Tag your friends challenging them to do the #BuckleUpChallenge

Don’t have social media? Email us your photo or video at [email protected]!

Print the buckle up challenge sign by clicking HERE!
Don’t have a printer? Click on the “Get your FREE decals” button and complete the form to receive decals + your Buckle Up Challenge sign!
who do you buckle up for safety campaign

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