Buckle Down South Rally

We buckle up for Kailee. Who do YOU buckle up for? We have always been told to protect ourselves by wearing a seat belt. We are also reminded that wearing a seat belt is the law, and if we don’t we will get a ticket. But now we want to ask you…who is waiting for you to come home? Who needs you? Who loves you?

If you don’t want to wear a seat belt for yourself, or a ticket isn’t a good enough reason, do it for THEM. Do it for everyone who loves you, needs you, and is expecting you to come home. Your life is precious. Your life matters to someone.

So we want to hear from you! Take the #BuckleUpChallenge – it’s simple! See the steps below:

who do you buckle up for

The #BuckleUpChallenge

  • Print this BUCKLE UP CHALLENGE sign, create your own, or use a blank piece of paper.
  • Write the name/s of who you buckle up for.
  • Take a photo or video with the sign.
  • Post it on social media & tag Kailee Mills Foundation.
  • Caption “I buckle up for___, who do YOU buckle up for? Go to kaileemillsfoundation.org/whodoyoubuckleupfor to learn more and to print the sign!”
  • Tag your friends challenging them to do the #BuckleUpChallenge

Don’t have social media? Email us your photo or video at [email protected]!

Print the buckle up challenge sign by clicking HERE!
Don’t have a printer? Click on the “Get your FREE decals” button and complete the form to receive decals + your Buckle Up Challenge sign!
who do you buckle up for safety campaign

There are many new faces here so we want to provide some insight into who Kailee Mills Foundation is, why we are here, and what we are trying to accomplish.

Who are we? We are a seat belt safety 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the Houston, TX area (Spring, TX to be specific). You may have found us through friends or family, social media, or heard our story from the 2018 or 2019 Texas Department of Transportation Click It or Ticket campaign that was based around Kailee’s crash.

Why are we here? Kailee Mills Foundation began in November 2017 following Kailee’s crash. Kailee was riding with three friends, traveling only a mile away from home. She removed her seat belt for a moment to take a photo with her friend in the backseat. In that short moment, the vehicle slid off the road on a curve, hit a culvert, and began to flip. Kailee was the only occupant not buckled and was killed instantly after being ejected. Too often we heard stories about fatalities where someone was not wearing a seat belt. It is preventable. The message was stagnant and needed a voice. So we started talking about Kailee, her personality, accomplishments, potential, and the tragic end to her life on earth at only 16 years old. We picked up where she left off and began carrying out her legacy in a way that would save and impact lives around the globe. It started by distributing seat belt ribbon decals and spreading awareness within our Spring, TX community and quickly became recognized nationwide.

kailee mills
kailee mills foundation seat belt ribbon

What are we trying to accomplish? Our mission is to save and impact lives through seat belt awareness. From the beginning we said if we only saved ONE life, then our efforts were worth it. We know we have fulfilled that goal, and we are working everyday to save lives in memory of Kailee Mills.

Although seat belt safety is our primary goal, we have implemented other life-changing programs including Family Assistance: financial and counseling assistance for families impacted by vehicle crashes, College Scholarships, and Support for First Responders. All programs support and enhance our mission of reducing fatalities and injuries from non-seat belt use. You can read more about our programs here.

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