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KaileeIn The Community

Kailee Mills Foundation spreads awareness throughout communities by partnering with local businesses to inform the public about the importance of seat belt safety through social media, awareness events and fundraisers, seat belt ribbon distribution, and proudly displaying our seat belt ribbon decals on storefront windows and vehicle fleets.

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Kailee Mills Foundation helps to rebuild the lives of families experiencing loss and hardship from vehicle crashes through financial assistance, grief counseling, and emotional support.

Please contact us HERE if you or someone you know is in need of assistance and meets the criteria above.

Kailee MillsFoundation Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Kailee Mills Foundation Scholarship Program is to educate teen drivers about seat belt safety through seat belt awareness, research, volunteerism, and leadership. Scholarship recipients deliver high levels of academic achievement, ambition, leadership, and a desire to make a difference. To date, we have awarded $42,500 in college scholarships.

You may review criteria and apply for scholarships HERE.

Seat BeltAwareness

Kailee Mills Foundation educates the public on the importance of seat belt use through school assemblies, presentations, seat belt checks, awareness campaigns and events, and seat belt ribbon distribution. Watch THIS VIDEO to see our seat belt awareness in action and how it is impacting the lives of others.

Please contact us HERE if you would like to request a seat belt check, seat belt challenge, assembly or presentation, and/or awareness event. We are currently working in the Greater Houston Metro Area.

First ResponderSupport

Kailee Mills Foundation provides support for law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services as they work to bravely serve and protect our communities by preventing fatality and injury from non-seat belt use, responding to vehicle crashes, saving lives, and living with the emotional distress resulting from reoccurring loss.

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