Sheryce Baggett

Sheryce Baggett, 16, was a fun loving, free spirited little girl. Everywhere she went she made others smile. She was active in church, she was in choir, volleyball, and loved to volunteer at Toys for Tots. On August 13, 2015 Sheryce was driving with a friend in the front seat and her cousin and little brother in the back seat. The two in the back were buckled, while Sheryce and her friend in the front were not. She was driving down a country road that has the thrill factor of when you go fast and top the hill, it makes your stomach drop. When she topped that hill, her car went into a skid and she lost control, struck a telephone pole and flipped the car. Her head hit and was killed instantly. The passengers were lucky enough to end up with bumps and bruises. Words from her mother: “I want her spirit to live on. I am truly blessed with the time God allowed her to be with me, but I wasn’t ready to let go.” Sheryce Baggett 11-22-98 💜 8-13-15

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