Destiny Danford

Posted:  September 16, 2019

Destiny Danford, age 3, unbuckled her seat belt in the backseat just moments before our Lord called her into his arms in heaven. Please read what Destiny has inspired Lee to write, and honor her by sharing this post: “As I forever whisper in my daddy’s thoughts, I will speak through his heart. I am Destiny Rose Danford, child of God. I entered this world 11-13-13, and due to seat belt complication I was ejected from the car, receiving my angel wings on 7-14-17. Daddy don’t cry, I didn’t enter this world alone, the Lord sent me on a mission to win souls and bring them closer to Jesus Christ. People say when I entered a room I lit it up, but it was the Lord’s love that glowed through me. Jesus taught my daddy and I to be kind and have compassion for all. Daddy always told me he was the most blessed father ever and it felt like heaven raining on him when I was born. He said I was the true love that he had waited for all his life. Daddy, I know you saw me every second when I was born, and I will forever be the air that you breathe until my mission is completed. Daddy, I know that each teardrop you have cried represents the memories we didn’t have time to make on earth, but there will be infinite memories made when we are together again in heaven, so Daddy please don’t cry. I am praying for everyone on earth to please buckle up, and want people to hear my story to save lives.” #BuckleUp4Destiny #KaileesAngels


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