How To Write an Obituary

What to include

❏ Begin by giving your loved one’s name, age and where they were from.

❏ If you are religious, you can include something like “went home to Jesus” or simply say they passed away.

❏ Tell about your loved one. You do want to share some basic information (where they grew up, what they did for a living or if they were still in school, major accomplishments, teams/clubs they were involved in, etc.). After the basic information, make it personal! What do you want to make sure the world knows about your loved one? What is it that you want to share because it defined your loved one?

❏ List who your loved one is survived by. Below are people to consider. Who you include is up to you. You can include by name or state multiple of “X” relationship.
❏ Spouse and children (If children are married, provide spouse name and grandchildren)
❏ Parents
❏ Siblings
❏ Grandparents
❏ Aunts and Uncles
❏ Cousins
❏ Nieces and Nephews
❏ Friends – you would typically only list as “lots of great friends” rather than individual names unless there are friends that are more like family.
List people in the order that makes the most sense to you and your family. For example, if your loved one was very close to his/her cousins they could be listed by name, same with very close friends.

❏ List who your loved one is preceded in death by. You can choose to list those who passed before your loved one if it makes sense to you based on their/your relationship.

❏ An optional message you want to give to those reading. Ex. If you want to remind everyone to buckle up.

❏ If applicable, include where and when a Celebration of Life information will take place.

❏ If applicable, include charity information you would like donations to be made in memory of your loved one.

❏ Important: Do a final check for errors or missing information, and have a friend or family member check it as well.

You can also use THIS printable version if needed.

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