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"I'll admit that while I have always required my kids and their friends to buckle up, I would just tell them to as they climbed in the car but not check to make sure they listened. Since you began Kailee's foundation, I refuse to drive until everyone is buckled even if it is a two mile drive through the neighborhood. I also remind them the importance of it. Although they did not know Kailee, they know her story now. Just a few days ago my 16 year old son was in a car accident when he lost control due to the rain and crashed into a fence. He and his friend were uninjured because they were wearing their seat belts. I honestly don't know if they would have been wearing them if it wasn't for your campaign, so thank you! Kailee's legacy will continue to touch and protect lives." -Bonny Y.

Kailee's Angels

In memory of

Megan Miller

David Tucker

Ruby Chavez

David Waag

Kailee Mayher

Kika Ward

Connor Williams

Angelica Matamoros

Destiny Danford

Jennifer Johnson

Isaac Martinez

Katlyn Fowler

Tavin Parker

Sheryce Bagget

Garrett Soileau

Tyler Babbitt

"Annie" Groce

Melony Mendoza

"Clint" Ivy


These partners provide us with the highest level of support, both financially and passionately. They are helping us achieve our mission of saving lives one seat belt click at a time. 

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These partners provide us with an immense amount of support through spending time, energy, and invaluable resources. Without their support and guidance, our success would be limited. 

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