David Waag


Connor Williams


We want to honor the lives of David Waag, 17, and Connor Williams, 15, who were both welcomed home by The Lord on a clear Sunday afternoon this past August. They were both Clark County high school athletes in Springfield, Ohio and full of life and happiness! Both were riding in the backseat, when the car they were in drifted off the right side of the road, over corrected and ran off the left side of the road, hitting two trees. Like so many of us, they were not wearing their seat belts in the backseat. The two in the front seat were wearing their seat belts and survived.

David was a friend to everyone and if someone didn’t have a friend, he was going to be their friend. David was the self-described “life of the party” and many kids have attested to that and whole heartedly agreed. David had a smile that would light up a room and soulful blue eyes. David was an avid soccer player and had been playing soccer since he was 5. He earned his varsity letter when he was a freshman in high school and continued playing for Greenon High School up until his death. David and one of his best friends had made plans to visit Muskingum College and do a tour to see they wanted to go there. They had a tour set for the weekend after the crash happened.

David's mom, Aryn, wasn't sure what David wanted to be when he grew up, but he did mention that he was interested in becoming a brain surgeon. David was elected by his senior class the “Everybody’s Buddy” award for their senior awards a couple of weeks ago. His mom said, "This award fit David to a T." David also had no fear and lived every day to its fullest and with a determination that he was going to achieve anything he set his mind to.

Connor was always all about football. He definitely wanted to play at the next level after graduating! His mom, Devin, said, "He was creative and outgoing. He loved drawing and to this day we are still finding random sketches from him throughout the house." Connor enjoyed being outside and around nature, and he especially loved animals. He was a very active kinesthetic learner, so a typical lecture based high school course was not his style.


When he got accepted into Global Impact STEM Academy for high school, he thrived. The hands on learning combined with his raw artistic ability and creativity led him to the dream of being an engineer. With him being only a sophomore when he died, his post graduation plans stopped there. At the time he was more concerned with football games and friends!

We are here to remind you to always wear your seat belts...no matter where you are sitting.



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