Makayla Bonura

Posted:  January 5, 2024

Makayla Bonura, 16, gained her wings on August 3rd, 2021. Makayla and her three friends were involved in a car crash while driving over the speed limit. Makayla and another passenger lost their lives after being ejected from the vehicle that their friend was driving. The accident happened three days before her junior year of high school was supposed to start.

Makayla was a very strong willed, beautiful girl who had many people that loved her. She had the most distinct laugh that could be heard from a distance. She was a wonderful sister to her 4 siblings who she loved more than anything. She loved hanging out with her friends, sleeping late on the weekends, and traveling with her grandparents. Her friends and family meant so much to her. After the accident so many people shared stories with us about how respectful and kind she was. She had plans to go to college and wanted to work with children with special needs. She often spoke about having children of her own one day. She never gave up when it came to something she wanted. Her determination would have led her to do great things in life.

Makayla will live on forever in the hearts of her family and friends. We carry her with us every where we go and try to find ways to honor her daily. We hope that by sharing her story others will think twice about how they can stay safe when getting into a vehicle. 


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